Cloud Cost Optimization

Making cost optimization a key element of your cloud strategy lets you focus your cloud budget where it will add value.

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Cloud cost optimization with Teroxlab

The digital economy may be hurtling along on the back of increasingly advanced and efficient technologies – but the big questions come down to some decidedly traditional issues, especially around cost management. While cloud technology is solving some seriously complex challenges, cost optimization has not been one of them. However, without an understanding of how cloud costs work and how to optimize them, it’s impossible to realize the promise of the cloud. That’s where Teroxlab comes in. We help customers deploy and manage competition-conquering cloud projects with our intelligent optimization, analytics and governance tools and expert guidance.
Partner with us and get Csave™, a simplified, automated way to manage your public cloud compute spend for optimized cost and agility.

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Our process

Review cloud consumption

We begin with a deep dive into your organization’s cloud compute usage and spend.

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Advise on cost optimization options

We’ll recommend options like Flexsave to help optimize your cloud use and secure you additional savings.

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Deploy and optimize

Finally we work with you to deploy and enhance your cost optimization strategy.

Csave™ gives us the savings benefits of compute commitments without requiring anything of my limited DevOps resources. As a result, we can devote our full attention toward building the best product for our customers.”
Tunde George Ojo-Olubiyo
VP of Research & Development

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Understanding cloud cost optimization

For companies to succeed with the cloud, they need to understand the dynamic nature of cloud economics. Traditionally, sourcing IT infrastructure assets involved asset refresh cycles that progressed predictably from requirements to request for proposal to negotiations to award. However, the inherent flexibility of the cloud involves more demand-driven variables, with decisions about the services and specifications required being made continuously. These decisions can impact massively on costs if they are not managed properly.

Taking a consumption approach to the cloud and always aligning demand with the most relevant cloud services and pricing arrangements makes cloud cost optimization easier. This demand-driven approach allows you to align your cloud costs Management service with your business KPIs and link spending to return on investment (ROI). But gaining that level of insight requires full visibility of your company’s cloud spending and those responsible for it.

You need to identify where your cloud budget will add most value by securing cost transparency and the visibility required to integrate costs into the product lifecycle and automate cost governance.

Get in touch to learn more about how TeroxLab can help with your cloud cost optimization needs at no extra cost.

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