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With TeroxLab Cloud Analytics, translate your public cloud bill into language your business understands. Drive cost accountability so that your stakeholders take ownership of their usage.

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With Teroxlab's Cloud Analytics, understand your cloud bill and align accountability to cloud users so you have a clear picture of your spend and what you can do about it.

Make sense of your cloud costs. See your cloud bill in detail so you can identify key cost drivers and build reports that highlight optimization opportunities to executives.

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“Using the "Teroxlab’s Cloud Analytics is not optional in my team, it’s critical. It’s how we make sense of our cloud costs.”

– Rawand Musaffer, SRE Manager, R&D, Freightos

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“Once we exhausted our credits it was important that we understand our cloud costs and spending to make sure we were spending the right amount in the right places. Teroxlab’s Cloud Analytics technologies give us a really granular view of our cloud costs in an easy-to-use fashion.”

– Mike McFarland, Lead Software Engineer, CattleEye

Spend strategically. Allocate cloud costs and measure consumption to inspire accountability, keeping your cloud investments and business priorities aligned.

Share insights to build your organization’s cloud muscle. Get data-driven views of cost drivers that your teams can understand, own, maintain and optimize.

“TeroxLab Cloud Analytics has been great in helping us to focus on understanding technical cloud metrics and their related costs. It informed conversations that were previously hunches and forced us to better understand our own processes. We saved money and ultimately became a better company.”

– Ben Hizak, COO, Cherre

How can cloud cost
visibility help you?


Your cloud costs constitute a huge portion of your company’s overall operating budget, and you need to make sure that the money spent is properly aligned with your long-term business goals.


Aligning your team’s cloud spend with the company’s profit & loss metrics requires governance and reporting features to ensure rate optimization and business-level accountability.


To effectively plan your long-term forecasting and budgets, you need insight into where and how your cloud funds are being utilized, and what they will look like over the coming years.

Pinecone gets automated savings across multicloud
environment with no management effort
"With Flexsave, we are able to truly optimize the costs of our two main public clouds, as well as grow our cloud architecture with the flexibility that our business growth demands – without requiring anything of me or my team."

Lior Ehrenfeld, VP of Finance & Ops

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