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All programs in an online service: The Microsoft 365 subscription provides easy and flexible access to the Office suite.  By the way, you might still know the solution under the former name of “Office 365”.

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The Microsoft 365 tools work perfectly together and facilitate in-house collaboration.

Data Security

Data security is ever more critical - and with Microsoft, you can be sure to meet all requirements.


One solution, one device? You can use Microsoft 365 on multiple devices.


ypical Microsoft: As all the tools are in the distinctive Microsoft Design, they feel familiar, and users can work intuitively with the solutions.


Microsoft Office 365 helps you meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Access from anywhere

You can work on the go, with access to your tools from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Software as a Service

Microsoft 365 is a SaaS model. Your advantage: You don't have to invest in infrastructure.

Help & Support

Office365 Email Migration

  • Looking for an IT solution to simplify and improve day to day operations? Consider migration to Office365
  • Let’s talk! We’re ready to consult with you on the ideal migration tool to suit your business
  • An affordable online solution for small to medium enterprises, Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide
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Get unlimited help any time or day of the year and get a real qualified human at the other side of the phone to help solve your IT problems.


Office365 email migration explained

Being the most popular email system in the world, it’s highly likely that your business may already be using an older version of Microsoft Outlook. We’ll move your emails and auxiliary features (contacts, email folder structure and calendar etc) from your existing email platform to the cloud. BaseHost are a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, and we’ve been working with Office365 since it’s infancy: there’s nothing we haven’t seen! Rest assured that we’ll handle your email migration with as little interruption to your business as possible and ensure there is no data loss.

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Updates are a thing of the past

Office365 provides access to the latest versions of Outlook for emails, as well as new features and security updates.

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Enterprise-grade emails

Enjoy 50GB of mailbox storage for each user you add to Office365 and send emails up to 150mb in size.

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Cloud storage

Once migrated to Office365, your cloud storage on OneDrive will be a massive one terabyte.

“Csave gives us the savings benefits of compute commitments without requiring anything of my limited DevOps resources. As a result, we can devote our full attention toward building the best product for our customers.”

Elad Ben-Tzedeff
VP of Research & Development

Take a leap into the present and shed that aged set of productivity tools you’ve been using.

The new generation Office365 tools unlock you from your desk and give you and your small team the flexible to work remotely and collaboratively. Apart from getting up to date versions of the Office software (with eligible products) you get access to all of your favourite Microsoft tools in a browser to work on the go from any browser. If that wasn’t enough, you get access to OneDrive and SharePoint to store and manage your business content and avoid having to travel around with portable drives or leaving things locked on your computer.

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Microsoft 365 provides an extensive range of tools. The ones that you’ll probably use most in your daily work are:

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Word: Easily create contracts, documents, and so much more in Microsoft Word. Your advantage: Optimized presentation of your documents, and simple share feature for collaboration.

Spreadsheets with Excel: Rows, columns, pivot tables, and much more – Microsoft Excel has everything you need to create easy-to-read spreadsheets. Making evaluations easier, and providing a clear overview.

Create presentations with PowerPoint: Make a great impression in meetings with professional presentations. With Microsoft Powerpoint, it’s so easy to make creative, intuitive, and visually appealing slide decks.

Personal file storage with OneDrive: Working on a drive is good. Working together on files is even better – OneDrive makes it possible. The storage space is in the Microsoft cloud – so you can access your data from anywhere.

OneNote virtual notebook: No more scribbled notes on scraps of paper. With Microsoft OneNote, you can collate all notes and access them virtually on the go. Collecting and sharing ideas is made simple – and digital.

Email with Outlook: Send, receive and store emails – with all the benefits of Microsoft Outlook, including reminders to keep you on track. And, of course, the indispensable Outlook Calendar. Which provides a clear overview of your week, helps you plan your work, and ensures you don’t miss a thing.

Work with intranet, share documents, and enable teamwork with SharePoint: One platform, many possibilities – facilitate cooperation with Microsoft SharePoint. Where you can securely manage documents and make them available. And if you need access, they are available online, of course, and from anywhere.

Chat, online calls, and file storage in Teams: Microsoft Teams has all you need for communication – so simple and easy. Facilitate teamwork and enable team members to work from home or remotely – it’s easier than ever.

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Once we’ve finalised your migration, any new emails will be automatically directed to your brand new Office365 email account. Our experienced team will continue to oversee ongoing operations in the background for a week or two after your migration is finished to ensure there are no problems and everything is running smoothly.


Microsoft 365 combines the familiar Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with collaboration tools such as Teams or OneDrive. Microsoft 365 makes it possible to work remotely from (almost) anywhere and was formerly known as Office 365. There is a custom app for every daily work activity. These can be used as needed, depending on the individual requirements of each user.


In April 2020, Office 365 was renamed Microsoft 365. There is much more behind Microsoft solutions than just the typical office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With Teams or Sharepoint, the scope has grown significantly.

Essentially, Microsoft 365 includes the following web applications: Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneDrive. Solutions such as Microsoft Visio, Forms, Tasks for Planner, To Do, and Teams are also available.

The need of a business varies hugely according to a range of factors, it’s not possible to ballpark a figure that would satisfy both a small business and a mid-sized enterprise. Our friendly and experienced team are ready to answer any questions you may have before moving forward.


The price for Microsoft 365 depends on various factors, such as the required license or number of users.

Yes, you can purchase your Microsoft 365 license with Microsoft Teams. 

No, Microsoft 365 is a subscription model from Microsoft that is available in various plans and combinations. The goal is to offer companies an end-to-end package, from the operating system to the user application as a subscription service. Individual components, such as Microsoft Office, can be acquired as purchase licenses but generally do not include online services, which are very useful when working remotely or on a different device.

No, Microsoft 365 is a subscription model from Microsoft that is available in various plans and combinations. The goal is to offer companies an end-to-end package, from the operating system to the user application as a subscription service. Individual components, such as Microsoft Office, can be acquired as purchase licenses but generally do not include online services, which are very useful when working remotely or on a different device.

Companies can select the elements that are relevant to them from the individual plans available. The advantage of the subscription model is that the components can be adapted according to changing needs. Rather than buying a specific amount of licenses that may go unused if circumstances change, you can subscribe to the exact number your company needs right now. Companies need to manage their licenses actively while keeping in mind that if they change licenses, i.e., cancel part of a subscription, all data must be extracted beforehand.

With Microsoft 365, you can do so much more. You can move your ERP system completely to the cloud. And there are numerous other options for integration. Microsoft offers appropriate connectors, i.e., standardized interfaces and gateways.

The answer to this question depends on the chosen model of the entire IT system. Both variants are possible and depend on the (IT) strategy of the individual company.

Microsoft 365 is the cloud solution from Microsoft that can be expanded with other components to enable an almost seamless integration of servers, workplaces, and mobile devices. Including the necessary security architecture.

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