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Teroxlab Csave™ enables simplified, automated management of your public cloud compute spend for optimized cost and agility.

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How it works

Using machine learning, Csave™ continuously monitors your cloud usage to identify compute instances that are not covered by existing commitments, then applies 1-year discount rates on applicable workloads.

Commitment management
is a constant challenge

Teroxlab Csave™ removes the risk, forecasting, and tedious
work required for managing a portfolio of compute commitments and reservations.

Csave™ automates your commitments, providing cost savings without the need to monitor usage, track expiration and renewal dates, and modify instances to fit your reservations.

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“Csave™ really does the magic that we need by analyzing and covering our on-demand workloads. That helps us a lot because we can get those savings without all the manual effort we were doing before. We get a great cost reduction without any time consumption.”

– Yuval Rapaport, DevOps Engineer, Cloudify

“With Csave™, we reduced EC2 spend by 21% without adding any work to our already-full plates. It gives us flexibility to respond to the unpredictable nature of the gaming industry, enjoying the savings of commitment-based discounts without any risk or purchasing them ourselves.”

– Nadav Amami, CTO and co-founder, Simpool

Csave™ provides the flexibility of on-demand cloud compute usage while preserving optimized pricing, thus eliminating the need for long-term commitments and highly accurate forecasting.

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How can you optimize your cloud cost savings?


Your cloud costs constitute a huge portion of your company’s overall operating budget, and you need to make sure that the money spent is properly aligned with your long-term business goals.


Aligning your team’s cloud spend with the company’s profit & loss metrics requires governance and reporting features to ensure rate optimization and business-level accountability.


To effectively plan your long-term forecasting and budgets, you need insight into where and how your cloud funds are being utilized, and what they will look like over the coming years.

Pinecone gets automated savings across multicloud
environment with no management effort
"With Csave™, we are able to truly optimize the costs of our two main public clouds, as well as grow our cloud architecture with the flexibility that our business growth demands – without requiring anything of me or my team."

Lior Ehrenfeld, VP of Finance & Ops

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