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With Teroxlab Spot Scaling, automate your AWS Spot Instances to save up to 90% on compute spend without compromising reliability.

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Spot utilization is risky

AWS Spot Instances offer huge savings opportunities, but taking advantage of them comes with significant risk to application reliability, as well as constant management of your Auto Scaling groups (ASGs).

Spot savings made simple

Save more with AWS Spot Instances without worrying about launch templates, configurations, mixed instance policies, or other implementation challenges.

Fall back to on‑demand

Avoid performance or availability disruptions to your applications with automatic fallback to on-demand configurations when there isn’t enough available Spot capacity.

Keep 100% of your Spot savings

Unlike other tools on the market, Spot Scaling is commission-free for TeroxLab customers, allowing you to keep all of the savings generated by your use of Spot Instances.

How can you optimize your cloud cost savings?


Taking advantage of AWS Spot instances requires careful configuration of Auto Scaling groups, as well as 24/7 management and monitoring to ensure nothing goes wrong. Spot Scaling automates these processes, delivering savings with minimal effort.


Spot instances often force developers to choose between savings and application reliability. By enabling fall back to on-demand, Spot Scaling protects the customer experience when no Spot inventory is available.


The potential for huge savings with AWS Spot can be too good to pass up. Spot Scaling makes it possible by automating the process and minimizing the risk involved, leading to a lower monthly cloud bill.

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“We weren’t able to leverage Spot as much as we would’ve liked. And researching other instances we could run on that would allow us to use Spot more frequently was time consuming. Now we use Spot Scaling for running our batch processing, and we’ve saved between 50% – 60% compared to on-demand”

– Mike McFarland, Lead Software Engineer, CattleEye

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