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With DoiT BigQuery Lens, get usage insights to optimize usage fast – no diving into audit logs and best practice docs.

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BigQuery costs optimized

Which tables should you cluster vs. partition? Are you overpaying for storage? Which of your analysts’ queries are worth optimizing? With BigQuery Lens, get the answers to these questions and more, so you can focus on building data-powered applications.

Reduce costs

Implement recommendations to ensure that your tables are organized for efficient scanning, you’re using the right pricing model, and that you’re not overspending on queries.

Better insights, faster decisions

Surface usage optimization opportunities so you can have more informed conversations and better collaboration with your team.

Zero setup

Get your most important usage insights without having to build any queries or dashboards.

Faster dashboards, faster insights

Implement BigQuery Lens’ partitioning recommendations to make your BI dashboards deliver results faster while reducing query costs.

Optimize the queries you run the most

Use BigQuery Lens to identify scheduled queries that could be executed less-frequently, and dashboard jobs that can be optimized by leveraging BI Engine.

Eliminate runaway storage costs

Save on storage by utilizing BigQuery Lens to remove and backup unused tables to Cloud Storage instead.

Pinecone gets automated savings across multicloud
environment with no management effort
"With Flexsave, we are able to truly optimize the costs of our two main public clouds, as well as grow our cloud architecture with the flexibility that our business growth demands – without requiring anything of me or my team."

Lior Ehrenfeld, VP of Finance & Ops

For the BigQuery questions tech can’t solve

Some topics are too nuanced, or require a human-level understanding of your business for technology to solve.

Working with DoiT gives you a direct line to dozens of senior cloud architects for any BigQuery question or issue you have… at zero cost.


Are you migrating data to BigQuery and need help designing data migration strategies? Want to move workloads between projects to take advantage of pricing? Tag in DoiT’s engineers to help you brainstorm your approach.


Want to upskill your team BigQuery cost optimization best practices sessions? Cut through unnecessary actions and hours of reading documentation with DoiT’s BigQuery experts.


Having trouble moving CloudSQL data to BigQuery with Datastream? Are high response times impacting your app? Put out fires fast (and prevent them from happening again) together with DoiT’s BigQuery experts.

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