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Businesses are generating deluges of data, but not all of them are putting it to work. By channeling data into revenue and operational streams, companies can identify ways to streamline processes, mine potential business opportunities and improve customer service. But even companies with abundant information and the latest analysis tools often fail to use data and analytics to engage in data-driven decision-making.

The cloud has emerged as the ideal platform for processing big data. It offers virtually infinite computing resources and services that a business can use on demand, without the business having to build or maintain the infrastructure. This makes big data technologies accessible and affordable for almost any business.

Teroxlab has deep expertise and official partner competencies for data and analytics with AWS and Google Cloud. Partner with us to make the most of our data and analytics offering, designed to help you plan and architect a big data process on your chosen cloud platform.

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“TeroxLab was integral to this project’s success, given the complexity of our systems and huge volume of data. We had many meetings between our engineering teams, which helped streamline implementation a lot. Today all of our user data runs on Cloud Spanner, and we have not had a single problem or outage.”

Elan Zach
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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Understanding data and analytics

Big data analytics uncovers hidden patterns and correlations in data to generate meaningful insights that can be used to enhance decision making, prevent fraud and identify business opportunities.

The use cases for data and analytics are expanding as companies across the world embrace digital transformation. They are applying data analytics to better understand customer behavior for enhanced customer experiences and more targeted marketing campaigns. With accurate analytics, it becomes easier to predict future trends and drive better business decisions. Operational efficiency is improved, and it becomes easier to detect fraud and other abuses.

By harnessing the public cloud for data and analytics, businesses avoid being hamstrung by the limits of a data center. The scale of available infrastructure and software services enables big data projects of virtually any size. Companies can use as many resources as they require to complete the project and release those resources when the work is done.

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