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Data and analytics with Google Cloud and Teroxlab

Our Data Management Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program is verification of Teroxlab’s skill and experience delivering customer solutions in the area of data management using Google Cloud technology.

DoiT has shown its technical proficiency and proven success in migrating data workloads to Google Cloud and managing them. Data management specialization applies to Google Cloud products including Google Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, BigTable, Firestore, Firebase and MemoryStore.

Many companies are not harnessing data and analytics effectively to engage in data-driven decision-making. As the ideal platform for processing big data, the cloud offers almost limitless computing resources and services, making big data technologies accessible and affordable for almost any business.

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“It only took a day or two, as we had excellent support from Google Cloud Partner DoiT International. They examined our existing architecture and helped us to anticipate any obstacles and challenges, which meant the move was more or less frictionless.”

Haggai Hofland

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Understanding data and analytics on Google Cloud

Leveraging the public cloud for data and analytics allows businesses to circumvent the limits of a data center. The sheer scale of available infrastructure and software services makes it possible to complete big data projects of almost infinite size.

One of Google Cloud’s key strengths is its data and analytics capabilities, particularly unique offerings such as BigQuery and BigTable. Google Cloud Platform provides services for each stage of the data lifecycle, designed to meet the unique data application needs and workflows of any business.

With BigQuery, you can apply relational database insights to massive quantities of data. Cloud Bigtable is a highly distributed data system that sorts related data into a multidimensional assembly of key/value pairs, based on the large-scale storage system Google designed to store search indexes. These and other Google Cloud tools make it easy to generate the kind of data analytics that provide meaningful insights that drive better business decisions.

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