Powering every step of your FinOps journey

Using a robust technology platform with zero-cost, enterprise-grade support, TeroxLab functions as a trusted partner to help optimize your cloud usage and finances.

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Cloud technology and expertise at
your fingertips

Leverage TeroxLab’s products and consulting services for each phase
of the FinOps process.

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Properly allocating your costs provides the basis for the optimizations and growth to come. With DoiT’s product portfolio and FinOps experts, you can build clarity around your cloud spend — from creating a tagging strategy to mapping costs to your business and more.

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Whether it’s managing commitment-based discounts, rightsizing workloads, or taking advantage of spot discounts, DoiT provides both automation and human expertise to ensure that your cloud footprint is no larger than it needs to be.

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A well-functioning FinOps team requires collaboration and understanding across Finance, Product, and Engineering teams. DoiT offers training across key FinOps capabilities, enabling your teams to get customized reports and alerts for their consumption.

A fully-stocked FinOps toolbox

Ensure that your teams have the information they need when they need it.

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Understanding cloud usage and cost

Allocate costs, investigate anomalies, and analyze usage and spend using the TeroxLab product portfolio.

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Performance tracking & benchmarking

Create custom reports and budgets that signal whether spend is going according to plan and explain the drivers behind it.

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Real-time decision making

Give your teams a view into the costs they’re responsible for, so they’re empowered to make adjustments as needed.

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Cloud rate optimization

Manage, optimize, and forecast your cloud unit economics to get the most out of your spend.

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Cloud usage optimization

Analyze your workloads across teams and departments for data analysis, showback, and usage insights.

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Organizational alignment

Drive FinOps best practices through automation, training, and reporting that everyone can understand.