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The blistering rate of innovation in technology makes it increasingly difficult to maintain the level of knowledge and skills required to deliver on the promise of the cloud. However, investing in a range of quality skill-building resources helps leading companies crush key metrics and deliver on their digital transformation goals.

Migrating workloads and applications to the cloud has helped many organizations overcome challenges related to scalability, agility and innovation – but it can present them with the new challenge of sourcing qualified cloud experts. To ensure your technical teams can develop, deploy, run, and scale applications securely in the cloud, you need to develop and maintain their skills.

Partner with us to access a range of training resources, including immersive workshops, cost optimization sessions, webinars and case studies.

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You can access exclusive training resources, including workshops, case studies, and webinars.

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“We thought this project would take more than five months, and involve more engineers. But with close support from TeroxLab, it ended up being quite easy and much faster than expected. It only took us two months to build the machine learning algorithm and deploy the new feature. TeroxLab guided us through the exact steps we need to take, ensuring we’re on the right track.”

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Understanding training

Whether you need to disseminate foundational cloud knowledge across your organization or build deep technical skills within your IT teams, you should prioritize comprehensive cloud skills enablement programs to harness the public cloud to full effect.

Such programs may include internal or third-party training, peer mentoring, or certifications from the main cloud providers. The right program can contribute substantially to successful cloud migration and boost overall employee engagement. Quality workforce development programs combined with appropriate external training is the secret to maintaining the skills you need for an effective cloud adoption strategy.

Skilled cloud practitioners can benefit from immersive, hands-on workshops led by cloud experts. Armed with a working knowledge of a specific topic, they can deepen and broaden their expertise with intensive sessions targeted at the areas they need to develop to deliver on your company’s objectives for the cloud.

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