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Managing the complexity of Kubernetes enables dynamic teams to harness its full potential for innovation and scalability.

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Kubernetes and Teroxlab

Kubernetes may be the accepted standard for container orchestration, but it is not easy to master. Its complexity derives from the fact that it defines a complicated infrastructure in order to make applications simple. With elements such as security, logging, redundancy and scaling all incorporated in the Kubernetes fabric, the application simply interacts with well-defined APIs for the services it needs.

That’s why Kubernetes is such a sought-after skill. Companies with the resources to run Kubernetes successfully can scale up their applications massively without any drop in stability, speed or security.

Which is why we’ve been working with Kubernetes since its launch in 2014. All that experience and expertise is at hand when you partner with TeroxLab to build, scale and innovate your cloud applications.

Key benefits

Cloud native architecture consulting and design

Together we’ll build a roadmap to pilot and deploy Kubernetes according to your requirements. We include an architecture assessment and design consultation for business critical applications.

Kubernetes training for operators

We’ll deliver workshops that cover fundamental concepts and features of Kubernetes, so you can operate Kubernetes and deploy applications.

Production-grade Kubernetes support

Operate an agile Kubernetes infrastructure with our expert support covering critical workflows and technologies, so you can build, run and scale Kubernetes with confidence.

“Placing our bet on Kubernetes and GCP was a key strategic decision that has paid off. With the help of TeroxLab International and Google Cloud, SecuredTouch now has GKE clusters that are smoothly handling all crucial aspects of resource management optimization, such as horizontal auto-scaling and preemptible node-pools.”
~Harvey Miko

Understanding Kubernetes

Kubernetes is invaluable if you want to build a solution based on containers at scale. If you architect a solution that contains multiple, independent services and needs to be scaled up or down at will, managing it with Kubernetes is easier than with a traditional infrastructure. This is not only because of the container management layer but also because the Kubernetes API allows you to automate many tasks associated with resource provisioning and management.

If you choose Kubernetes for your solutions, you will need to have access to an advanced skillset because it is a complex technology with many moving parts. You will also need to pay close attention to security, which is complex with Kubernetes. Remember too that you will need additional technology and tooling for deployments, observability, management and security.

To learn more about how TeroxLab can help you confidently run and scale Kubernetes at no extra cost, click to get in touch.

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