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Migration to Google Cloud with Teroxlab

Although moving to the cloud promises huge benefits for businesses, it does involve risks. The challenges involved have profound implications not just for the cloud solutions themselves but for the technologies, people and processes associated with them. Having worked on this issue for years, Google has come up with a cloud adoption framework, which Teroxlab can help you work through to achieve your business objectives with the cloud.

Teroxlab will gauge your migration readiness using the Google framework as a blueprint for helping you digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes through Google Cloud. Once the assessment phase is complete, we will help develop the capabilities you need for successful Google Cloud adoption. Partner with us for guidance and support in your Google Cloud migration. We can help you assess your cloud readiness, build your capabilities and guide the execution of a successful cloud strategy.

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Our process


We use Google Cloud’s cloud adoption framework to help you assess your current cloud maturity.

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We help you work out the best strategies for planning and implementing a successful cloud migration.


We help you select the cloud deployment approach that best suits your circumstances and capabilities.

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After you've deployed your workloads in Google Cloud, we help you optimize your environment.

“We opted to migrate a lot of our infrastructure over to Google Cloud because its global approach to networks and projects better mirrors ours. We could also see that Teroxlab had the inside knowledge and experience of scaling that we would benefit from too.”

Grzegorz Dlugolecki
Lead Cloud and Kubernetes Engineer

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Understanding Google Cloud migration

Digital transformation goes far beyond moving legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost savings and convenience. Genuine transformation applies to the whole business and gives every element the potential to advance. Inspired by its deep understanding of the need for continuous innovation, Google Cloud has developed an approach to cloud migration that emphasizes the business value to be gained from successful cloud adoption.

This migration approach is underpinned by Google Cloud’s cloud adoption framework, which gives businesses a realistic view of where they are in their cloud development and offers practical programs to help them achieve their desired position. Based on the foundation of people, process and technology it sets out the areas companies need to prioritize to become cloud-first entities: learning, leadership, scaling and security. The framework organizes each practice into either a tactical, strategic and transformational phase.

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