“With Flexsave, we are able to truly optimize the costs of our two main public clouds, as well as grow our cloud architecture with the flexibility that our business growth demands – without requiring anything of me or my team.”

Lior Ehrenfeld, VP of Finance & Ops
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DoiT helps Clockwise harness AWS for business growth and better infrastructure scaling
“We have to make sure our AWS spend and our infrastructure spend are growing commensurately with costs. DoiT brought the right technical tools to the job as well as keen skills in evaluating Clockwise’s short-term needs and long-term aspirations.”

– Dan Kador, Vice President of Engineering
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Chess.com makes a smart move to optimize its global potential with DoiT
“The DoiT platform gives us a unified view of multiple Google Cloud accounts and our other cloud providers on one panel. I also like the anomaly alerts, highlighting if any of our GCP projects are suddenly seeing a rise in costs in a non-linear way.”